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 - freight forwarding
 - Logistics
 - 24/7 Representation of the interests of ship owners
 - Sea Freight
 - Brokerage services
 - Supply provision of ships
 - Bunkering
 - Assistance in customs clearance, immigration control
 - Crew change
 - Control and supervising of loading/discharge operation

 Agency service of vessels

 The "Orion Alliance Co., Ltd" offers ship agency services – a wide range of services acting as marine agent on behalf and at the expense of the shipowner in a particular port, or in a particular area (Russian Far East ports: Vostochny, Nakhodka, Vladivostok, Vanino, etc.)

 As per terms and conditions of the contract of marine agency, our company focusing on our clients’ needs carries out the following services:

 - various formalities for safe, timely and sound vessel’s arrival at port, staying at and outward of port, assistance and support in providing pier, floating craft (tugs, boats, etc.), as well as the pilotage;
 - assisting the master of the ship to establish contacts with the port, custom and other local authorities;
 - protection the interests and position of shipowners while cooperation with the customs and port authorities, shippers, etc .;
 - assistance in the arrangement of supply vessel and its respective services at the port: fuel supply vessel (bunkering), food supply and technical support, the organization of the repair of the vessel;
 - crew change procedures;
 - preparing documents for the cargo and ensuring of prompt and time-efficient loading and discharging operations;
 - collecting the amount of freight and other sums due to the ship owner for claims arising out of marine cargo transportation contract;
 - upon agreement, payment of expenses in connection with the vessel’s stay at port by prior request of the master and shipowner;
 - attracting cargoes for liner shipping;
 - collecting freight;
 - providing freight forwarding;
 - performing other functions in the field of marine shipping agency.

Compensation costs for maintenance of the vessel and the size is determined to be paid by the ship owner fee current tariffs and agreements of the parties.