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 Orion Alliance Co., Ltd offers the organization of delivery import and export cargoes to / from South East Asia to any region of Russia.

 We are using CY-CY service. In this case, a full range of services for the cargo carriage including:

 Delivery from the warehouse of the consignee to the railway station, to port, to airport;
 Loading into a vehicle (car, train, ship, plane);
 The payment of the tariff for the carriage of goods;
 Discharge from a vehicle (car, train, ship, plane);
 Delivery of cargoes by truck to the consignee's warehouse.

 The list of freight forwarding services includes:

 Multimodal and intermodal carriage;
 Formalization of transport documents: bills of lading, bills of lading and other documents necessary for the delivery of cargo to destination;
 Payment of tariffs for carriage and other fees and charges;
 Cargo insurance;
 Brokerage for shipments of export-import cargoes;
 Updating info about move cargoes, search of goods in case of their loss;
 The arranging, if necessary, forwarding of goods in transit;
 Other services on behalf of clients.