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About us

 Orion Alliance Co., Ltd provides professional services in the freight forwarding, ship agency and ensure the relevant and actual information upon every request of the client. Individual approach to our valuable clients and reliable cooperation in due time – are our fundamental and basic principles of operation!

 Our primary goal is to keep the business in strict compliance with international standards and regulations in full accordance with clients’ requirements and needs.

 Our staff assists the customers to find the right and appropriate solutions, providing the following services:

 - Arrangement of bunker and provisions supply, customs clearance;
 - proper control of loading and discharging with time-saving approach;
 - assistance in shipment of all types of cargo;
 - arrangement, support and follow-up of crew change including transfer on/off sign crew members to/from Vladivostok International Airport, immigration formalities;
 - supervising and carrying out of transportation of the import and export cargoes via ports of Vostochny, Nakhodka, Vladivostok to any region of Russia;
 - other relevant ship agency services

 We are able to offer any delivery options. We have agreements with the shipping lines of Asia Pacific ocean region, railway carriers, trucking companies, customs and port terminals and are experienced in delivery of project cargoes.

 Additionally, our customers can order such services as: sea freight + “DROPP-OFF” + train service or port forwarding railway + DELIVERY. The clients have an option to order the freight, or we can arrange the shipment of container by rail with payment “DROP-OFF”.

 By request, our company carries out the shipment to the country of departure providing – подача, предоставление the container for loading in the specified place according to customer instruction, return of loaded container to the port of loading), customs clearance at the port of Vostochny / Nakhodka / Vladivostok/Vanino or clearance transit cargoes, delivering by railway, credit clearance and truck delivering of container from the destination station to the customer's warehouse.

 Let us to take the station of Nakhodka, Nakhodka – Vostochny cargoes in containers and delivering to the customer's warehouse by road or sea transport (export, domestic)

 Our experts will help you to bookings, furnish of empty container for loading in the South - East Asia and deliver it to the loading port.